What We Do  

To help Greeks obtain access to medical services, health care, and pharmaceuticals, Athena Humanitarian Relief is supporting two worthwhile charities:

METROPOLITAN SOCIAL CLINIC (http://www.mkiellinikou.org/en) Medical Center in Athens staffed with 200 volunteers serving the medical needs of thousands of uninsured Greeks and relies exclusively on donations.

Founded in 2000, the Oncology Unit GPP is an Athens Medical School Department settled at Sotiria General Hospital. It is an Academic Department operating within a public NHS hospital. It is one of the biggest Oncology Departments of Greece.  Since June 2012 they operate the so-called Solidarity Oncology Clinic that provides oncology services of primary and secondary Health Care to non-insured patients with neoplastic diseases.  It is address to all those patients that do not have any kind of insurance (public or private) and are diagnosed with cancer.

These charities serve the uninsured, the destitute and unemployed citizens of Greece.  They operate almost exclusively through volunteer doctors, nurses and therapists, and offer services to patients that focus on the provision of primary health care and essential medicines.