We Support Greece’s Most Vulnerable Population  
The Greek Health Care System is collapsing.  As a result of the financial crisis, there is an unprecedented adversity within Greek society that has impacted employment, household income, pensions and access to welfare and medical support. 
According to official statistics, 90% of households have had significant reduction to total family income, national unemployment is at 25%, youth unemployment at 50%, and 78% of households face serious difficulties in meeting their financial obligations.  All the  while, further austerity measures are put in place presently that continue to cut salaries and pensions, increase taxes and slash public spending on education, infrastructure, hospitals, and medicines.

More than 40% of Greeks are unable to satisfy their basic living, health, and medical requirements.
Message From The President:
Dear Prospective Donor,

I wanted to personally thank you for any donation you plan to make to a very noble cause.   

The Greek people have made great contributions to Civilization through the centuries, and now they need our help.  No matter how the financial crisis situation has evolved, the suffering is real.  Please spread the word.  
Vasilis Georgiou, CM&AA, M&AMI, CBI, CBB, MBA
Athena Humanitarian Relief


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