About Us


Athena Humanitarian Relief (AHR) is a non-profit organization based in the USA. It was created for the purpose of helping the Greek people in Greece and Cyprus in a time of utmost crisis. We do that by providing them with resources that help in accessing medical services, health care, child nutrition, and desperately needed pharmaceuticals. The organization was founded in 2013 by Vasilis Georgiou and his wife Anastasia Georgiou, entrepreneurs who live in Southern California, and are former owners of Synergy Homecare of Orange County, a health care services firm (http://www.synergyhomecare.com/).  Mr. and Mrs. Georgiou's son, Alex Georgiou, has joined AHR's operations and executive team as Director of Community outreach and High School initiatives, and their daughter Thalia Georgiou, has joined AHR's operations and executive team as Director of Community outreach and College initiatives.

Mission Statement: To help Greeks in desperate need in Greece and Cyprus obtain access to medical services, health care, and pharmaceuticals.

The problem we are addressing: The uninsured people in Greece are a new, but rapidly increasing group of citizens. These people have lost their job due to the ongoing financial crisis and the prolonged recession of the country. In the past these people, including cancer patients, were issued with the so called “indigence insurance”. Unfortunately, recently the criteria to obtain this insurance have become much stricter and virtually no-one can get this benefit any more. Being uninsured means these people are absolutely excluded from public National Health System· This problem is especially tragic for the constantly increasing group of individuals that are diagnosed with a solid tumor. Together with the rest of the uninsured hey cannot do the tests and exams needed (blood tests, MRI & CAT scans, biopsy etc.), they cannot receive the proper antineoplastic treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy etc.), even worse they cannot receive supportive care (painkillers, medication for vomiting, diarrhea, constipation etc.).